Friday, January 02, 2009

New Years BASH

I've been going and going since Wednesday. This new years started off with a bang! We had a houseful. My SIL's entire family, minus one sister and her family, came over to share New Years with us and some friends. We had a potluck style dinner with homemade enchiladas, chicken cordon bleu', mashed potatoes with gravy, pasta salad, chicken wings, homemade bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos, meat and cheese tray, tortilla casserole... not your normal dinner but it was delish!
We played games, laughed, chatted about anything and everything and just had fun. Close to midnight we passed out Martinellis and non-alcoholic champagne and toasted as we counted down with Dick Clark and let off fire crackers which left me jumpy and worried about all the long hair in the room. Yikes.
Around 2PM I, being the 80 year old lady in a 25 year old body, was ready to crash while the kids were still running about. Everyone crashed at our house. Our living room, family room, bonus room, plus two of our bedrooms were full to the point that you had to step over people on the floor. So much fun... that is if you remove the person that snored in my face all.night.long!
My SIL's one-year old niece hammed it up for the camera, I had to share these photos with you...

The next morning we woke up and ate the potluck food again... who needs eggs when there's enchiladas with fresh green sauce. Mmmm.

I am at our Holiday Youth Convention. I haven't been to a youth convention since I was a teenager. I was going mainly to see my brother's band play, but ended up enjoying the music and service for myself. It's so exciting to see blood bought teenagers excited about living for God! Being the forgetful person that I am I forgot to charge JW (my camera) and had to take a pic with my phone. Here is my brother Peter on the big screen leading the band.

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