Friday, January 30, 2009

I Have Three!

I am having a moment of nostalgia. Maybe it's the "women emotions" or it could be the fact that I looked in the mirror and thought, how am I aging so fast, where's that young skin elasticity? Is it just me or does my chin look lower? Where is the time going?

Either way, I found these pictures of me with my sisters. Let me just tell ya, these girls rock! I would rather be with them than anyone else. We have the same interest, there's really no odd ball out here, and we all love to spend time together. But it wasn't always like that...

When I was younger my sister Catherine and cousin (who I've adopted as my sister) Eileen always hung out together. They fought, laughed, shared secrets, egged each other on and spent every moment together - all with me hanging underfoot whining and crying that I WAS old enough to go out with them.

Catherine and Eileen

Eileen's Grad Party - 1972 (haha, more like 1991 ?)

Once I jumped into the teenage years, I was invited in. Oh joy! But I must say, I still had to run the errands and was told, "You tell mom or dad and you're busted." Do you want in on a lil' secret, most of the time I did end of spilling the beans, most of it was too good to keep inside my thirteen year old head.

When I was seventeen, my brother met a girl that I just-did-not-like. The first time I saw her I think I stared, said a quick "Hi' and moved on. She was eighteen, skinny little thing with lots of hair. Her name was Sonia and she would never leave me alone again. Of course I fell in love her too, it took some time, but it happened.

Now that we are all adults we can relate so much better and the years melt away, most of the time. Sisters are truly the best gifts, everyone deserves one. How blessed I am to have three!!!


Queen Catherella said...

okay. I cried. lol. Love this post and love you! I guess I can say, I have three too! :)

Purely Sony said... sweet Deb!

I do remember that you did not like when you first meet me…lol you were mean and now, eight years later, you love me… :O)

I love you too Deb! Thanks!

Aren't we all lucky to have sisters! Sisters are the best!

Eileen Garcia said...

Awww! Deb!! This is a sweet post! I love you!!!

Becky said...

That photo of the four of you is SO good! I'm even thinking of doing a letterhead type photo like that to send e-mails to my family with!

You gals are all so sweet, and are truly blessed to get along so wonderfully well.

Becky said...

P.S. Siri Mitchell has a new book out! (At least it was one I didn't yet know about!)