Friday, January 16, 2009

Who Knew - Bubble Gum is the Enemy

As a kid, did you ever hear your mom say, "Don't get gum in your hair!" or "Stop snapping your gum!"? I heard this plenty of times... but those warning didn't stop the peanut butter from coming out to fix the fact that I had blown too big of a bubble and now gum was intertwined with the hair. Oh Vey.

I am not a gum chewer. I'd rather have mints. I love the taste of gum but it's too exhausting to chew. I got a little stash in my stocking for Christmas this year and there was a cute little roll of Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape with a little Santa on the front. Enticing.

I took it to work and decided to chew a little strip... mind you I was bored to tears since work has been slow. I chewed that little bit and decided that I needed more. So there I was, chewing on a big mound of Hubba Bubba gum. If someone had told me that I would have injured myself on gum, I would have smiled, maybe giggled, maybe even choked on the gum a little. But alas, there was no warning from mom ringing in my ears, "You'll hurt yourself chewing gum!". I will be the first to admit that I am a little bit accident prone.
It started with a little twinge... that turned into a BIG twinge. I somehow pulled or ripped or angered something in my jaw/neck area. It screamed at me and yelped in pain - all.night.long.

I babied it all day today, took some trusty Advil and prayed for myself - hoping that it won't cause me to have to see the dreaded doctor over something so silly. I can just hear that conversation:
Doctor: So what are you here for?
Me: I was chewing gum
Doctor: And?
Me: I angered something in my jaw. Maybe pulled a muscle?
Doctor: (silence... staring... thinking - "dumb girl.")

I've come to one conclusion in all this - GUM is the enemy!

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Becky said...


Your doctor was probably rolling his eyes, especially after the whole reaction you had to limes.
"This gal comes in for the oddest ailments..." ;)

You're not the only one who has hurt themselves chewing gum. I chomped down really hard on some watermelon bubble gum one time and nearly took a chunk out of my tongue. That HURT!@