Wednesday, January 21, 2009

RANDOMNESS - Food, FB, and Cristian

I've discovered this new eatery, Lee's Sandwiches, that is so odd and parts of the menu make me cringe, but it sure is good. When you see an avocado smoothie and a cured pork and pate sandwich... what is your first thought? AVOID

I don't have the nerve to try either of these or their sardine sandwich - cringe. I have found that their Baguettes are so delicious and their mocha smoothies make you want to head to the drive-thru

They have these fruit smoothies that taste like heaven... if you live in California, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona or if you live in Korea, Vietnam, or China - Try one of their smoothies or sandwiches. You'll want to stop by, like me,
As a matter of fact - I will be seeing Lee today for one of those Watermelon smoothies... I just can't help myself.

I've been so slow at work and spending 99% of my time on Facebook. Whoever thought of this did a good thing... It is so fun to "see" people from so long ago and keep in contact with distant family and friends. Even my kindergarten teacher is my friend on FB! Bizarre. If you don't have one GET one - and if you know my name... haha... we can be FB friends too! =)

My nephew, Cristian, is a character these days. We went out on Saturday night and he was so entertaining. Auntie Cacky, my sister, kept giving him Maraschino cherries... let's just say he was spinning out of control and needed a candy sobriety test. I caught the evidence with my phone camera...

His first taste of a Maraschino cherry or as he calls it "Candy"

Aunt Cat's Cherry coke made him yell "Mooooooore!"

Bowllickinggood ice cream.

That sums up my exciting, edge of your seat random post - It's all good in my end of the world this week...


Becky said...

Your little nephew is adorable.

See, to me, avocado sounds good in a smoothie. I've done a smoothie before that tastes like salsa or ceviche (without the fish), and it was good. I've also had green smoothies with lettuce, sprouts and other things mixed in (at a smoothie place in Tahoe).

Purely Sony said...

Mmmm...I want Lee's!

The Daily Bee said...

Ack - Just sounds so gross... Maybe I need to just suck it up and try it!