Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Last Minute Shopping...

I usually am the one that starts shopping as early as October for Christmas. This year with the wedding preparations, I am barely making a dent. Some of my family have not even started yet. Things are not fully decorated in our home.

It seems that things are just busy. Too busy to enjoy this holiday that is the favorite in our household. I dread fighting the crowds for last minute Holiday shopping and the lines of people waiting to get a good deal.

I am overly concerned with the fact that there are no presents under our trees as of today. We usually are trying to find more space by this time!

But when I think about the reason why we are delayed such as we are, All the lines, crowds, treeless presents, few decorations seem so "small" in comparison. There is more too look forward to then just the season.

I am going to enjoy whats left of this December holiday and do my best to get things together that I know are missing.
the bee

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