Sunday, December 31, 2006

Closing Out 2006

So much has happened this past year. Many changes in my life. I have kept most of my resolutions. This would be the first time! Because of that, one big thing has changed for me. I now have no fear of maneuvering a car! hahaha. And I have a nice little card to prove it.

My home life has changed drastically. For the better. We have decided to make another change, moving, which we are all excited about. In our home, moving is a big deal. We are creatures of habit, and therefore do not like our routine to change, let alone our address! But we have decided it is time.

This year flew by like no other. It seems like we have doubled on everything this year, holidays, birthdays, ect... This year could have gone a little slower. But time is speeding by us. Pretty soon there will be none left.

I noticed that this year, I have felt and been so busy. So much happening.

I have grown drastically in my own eyes.... Physically! YEP! Ugh! Spiritually. I feel like I have taken a big step in that area. I feel like I can hear God's voice easier, see things better, deal with things the right way. I have all the same problems present themselves, but they don't seem the same since I handle them differently. It has been a good year. Thank you God!

So Happy New Year to the world. To those that are needing a new start, to those that have changes to make this 2007, to the many people that have hit tragedy this year, to those that have had a year of happiness, to the lost, to the redeemed, to the sick, to the dying, to the hurt, to the broken, to the happy, to the fulfilled, to the president, to the homeless, to our troops, to Iraq, to every country, Good and Bad, to mankind, with all our faults and failures. Make it prosperous, changing New Year 2007.

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