Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I have been a faithful reader of a blog by a women that I have known since childhood. She most likley does not remember me, but I know her.

She has this wonderful blog that I try to read everyday. I am suprised at how meaninful her blog is. It seems like everyday is an adventure or somethin new for her to discover. Her family, her feelings for christmas, her blessings, her recipes, her weather, her trips... it is all very encouraging and reminds me of reading a good book.

I was reading her blog today and it had the below paragraph... Wisdom is found in these words.

Man. What creatures we are. Of what divine and soaring ways are we capable; yet into what ugly and deep depravity have we sunk. Man. Made in the image of God. Made a little lower than the angels. Man, God’s friend, an evening walker in the garden, His companion. Man, cast out, dying, sinful now and clothed by bloodshed. But…rooting around inside us, struggling fiercely with our fallenness, is the shinning—the glorious, the rising, the giftings, the goodness…the distinct image of God.

the bee

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