Thursday, December 21, 2006

10 thoughts

December's 10 things that are going through this head of mine....

1. I am tired

2. I wish it was 4:59 on Friday afternoon!

3. What am I going to buy the people left on my Christmas list??

4. Our my bosses going to ever give me a Christmas bonus?

5. I want to go look at a house...

6. I wish I was shopping with my Dad at South Coast Plaza

7. I can't wait until the kids program is over this evening so I can get some rest.

8. 2007 doesn't look odd.... even though were closer to 2010.. now that's odd.

9. Do I look like I am busy working while I am writing this list?

10. I hope my bosses don't see this blog! hahahahahaha! This thought went through my mind several times!

oh goodness, one more for the road

11. I am "hahahaha" ing in my head at myself. Little does everyone know, I am very entertaining... to myself that is.

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