Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Through Our Eyes

These past couple weeks have been all about the nativity for me. We are putting together a program for our kids department and my class is doing a still picture of the nativity. One of my girls will be singing "What child is this?". That must have been a question in their minds as they looked on at Baby Jesus. Thinking "How could this child be the savior, this little bundle?".

Hopefully we will be painting a picture in someones mind. Bringing this true story to life that was born thousands of years ago.

I was telling my class on Thursday, that we should rejoice even more than the angels did on that night. They were rejoicing for mankind, because a saviour had come to bring peace and goodwill. The Angels were rejoicing for us.

It seems that this season 2006 the true meaning of Christmas has come alive to me more than any other year. When I think about the cost that He paid. Living this life I am living, yet with every heartache, temptation, pain that each person in this world carries. I am thankful for Him being born, living my life thousands of years before I was born, giving His blood for me and saving my soul.

Merry Christmas.

the bee

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