Thursday, January 07, 2010

It's all about Piper...and Lola

Written on 1/04/10 but never posted. : /

I was going to write a "Happy New Year" post but figured everyone else would have that covered. I didn't have anything interesting to say regarding the New Year so let's move on... :)

My new pup, Piper got a long overdue first bath at home and it was traumatic. For me, her and her sister. Lots of crying from both dogs and shivering and sniffling. Sad sad sad.

My brother spared me and washed her for me. I don't think I could have done it. If you heard her you would have thought we were abusing her. Poor girl.

Lola is from the first litter of the same 'parents' of Piper and when Piper first came home Lola was not thrilled. In fact, last week Piper came in the house covered in blood! We think Lola had enough of her puppy ways and bit her in the ear. Straight through. :( Another traumatic event for me and her.

Anyway, when Lola heard the screams coming from the tub she was crying too. She had to see her sister and they cuddled after they were done with their baths, sisters in the truest form. Fight then make up.

Big sister, Lola

So, I forgot to post the above and now have more to add on to this little kid/pup that is really causing me to go gray. She eats everything she gets her paws on. She's never thrown up, so the day she had her puppy shots, yesterday, she started throwing up hours after. No biggie. It became a problem when her vomiting was human sized. Are you grossed out? For this reason I quickly called her vet office and they said to take her to the pet hospital. Oy. All I could see were $$$.

I took her in and poor thing she cried the whole way and they took her in right away. She was going to be hooked up to IV's and have blood work and x-rays done. :( It was just too much to handle. No crying happened until I saw the bill. I cried. I was angry, helpless and just wanted to punch someone. How can a little puppies bill be bigger than me going to the ER? How?

I quickly called for some help (the Father, not a priest.) and sniffled while I signed the papers.

Went home and waited until almost midnight to speak to the doctor. She was doing good and I can pick her up in the morning. They wanted to keep an eye on her.

This is what I picked up...
Home now and doing better! Hopefully her life can calm down from here on out. This girl is a lot to handle. But look at that face... :)

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