Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Be'be' Time

Paris has been on my mind. Paris and Babies.
We have a little bundle on the way, the stork is sure to drop by any day now...
A couple of weeks ago (I'm late in posting), My aunt and I planned a baby shower for my cousin Eileen. As I've said before, Eileen is like my sister so this had to be a special one since she was packing up the baby making machine and throwing away the key.

The shower had to be girly, all pink and feminine. I found a tea rental service in our area and put in an order for tea cups, tea pots, tea spoons, creamer and sugar bowls/pots and food stands

The Tea menu consisted of Raspberry Green Tea and Ginger Peach Tea. I think I drank 10 cups of the Ginger Peach Tea it was that good.

The Food - Fruit was skewered, tea sandwiches made, cookies purchased, cheese tray assembled and salad mixed. The highlight was my mom's homemade baked potato soup.

I pulled out my craft skills and made little signs for the food and last minute Parisian cards from an old calender I had.

The Favors were little teapot measuring tapes with a little message from Eileen and baby.

The Guest Book was a children's book I found at Target. It was called Fancy Nancy Tea Parties and shows little girls how to do their own tea parties. Each guest signed a little note for mom and baby girl.
I procrastinated (not unusual for me) so I was like a crazy woman trying to put this together. I ran to Michael's (our craft store) and had a big idea to make topiaries. I have never attempted to make topiaries and just bought what I thought I would need.
  • Styrofoam balls (way to expensive if you ask me)

  • Stems of pink silk hydrangeas

  • Green moss

  • Long Dowels (which were cut in half)

  • Clay pots

Purchased the following last minute:

  • Ribbon

  • Pink tissue paper
Pulled out the hot glue and my mom and I tackled the job. A massive mess later, this is what came out...
Everything came together so beautifully. I was so happy with the outcome and was told several times that I should do party planning... sparked a little idea in my head and I quickly put it out.

Here are a few of my favorite parts of the shower...

Full view (this was at a friend's house)

Gorgeous tea pots and little cards I made

(you'll notice I mixed up the pot tops... oops.)

One of the outfits I bought for my niece. I want this sweater for myself!

Mom's incredible Baked Potato Soup

The Baby Girl will be here any day now!


Becky said...

You gals sure know how to put on a shin-dig! Everything looked amazing!

The Daily Bee said...

Thank you, Becky! We had fun doing it.