Monday, January 18, 2010

The Blue Room

In October I decided to renovate my room. I live with the parents and plan on doing so until I marry. I love my family and being with them is important to me and to them so this situation is good for me while others my age are itching to get out. I'm blessed but with a flaw. For 13+ years I've lived in a blue striped world... blue used to be my favorite color but after 13 years it gets to you.

I decided that removing this hideous wallpaper would be a cinch. Easy, breezy...

I bought the tools needed:

>Piranha wallpaper scorer (Huge mistake)
>Piranha Wallpaper remover
>1 bucket
>1 garden sprayer (Life saver)

I scored a small area, sprayed it and after the sitting and waiting process it begin to peel right off. I said, "This is going to be EASY".

The next day I filled up the sprayer, moved everything into the middle of the room and started the process of scoring and spraying.

Days later...

It was anything but easy. I cried like a baby halfway through and gave up several times only to press on and beg for help from whoever was around. Wonder Woman (my mom) came to the rescue and put me to shame by scoring the walls in record time. Once the wallpaper and most of the glue was down I was done. no more. White walls were looking good, glue gunk and all.

I hired a painter and went out to buy paint.

I bought paint without sampling it and put some on the wall... it was peach. Ugly.

I was smart enough the next time and bought samples.

I ended up going with one that my sis-in-law picked out. End result (right photo) was a beige buttery, light gold color. I had/have a design plan in my head that has been put into action that will be finished at some point and time. Just need to win the lottery. ;)

If you want to take down wallpaper I suggest you save your time and hire someone or buy a Tiger wallpaper scorer (I would have given my big toe for it but lucky for me I didn't have to). Just sayin'. I'll never do it again.

Here is a picture of Wonder Woman in the flesh!

Removing wallpaper will scatter the brain... here's proof.

BUT the end result was SO worth it!

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Becky said...

Good job! Love the color.