Thursday, December 03, 2009

Vintage Christmas

Christmas time brings commercials galore and pretty soon kids start asking for this or that they saw on the TV... I got curious and looked up some vintage ads. I LOVE them, but I must say... we've really come a long way.

(You wouldn't find an ad like this out today)

(All she wanted was a Hoover! Is that love note she's reading? Puzzling)
(I grew up without a TV and any kind of video entertainment, so we played old time radio shows. Every night like clockwork. 9PM sharp. This was one of the commercials that played out on every Jack Benny show.)

(Pre-fondant... this looks gross and I must say, fondant isn't much better.)

(Before the laptop... I'm so glad I don't have to type on one of these.)
I must say, I would trade this crazy world for the old vintage world that used to be... one thing though... must have the Internet! ;)


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Jenster said...

I love those ads!! Thanks for sharing them, Deb!