Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Have yourself a stressful Christmas

No, Scrooge did not high jack this blog. It's just me, venting to you.

I want to sit down, sip some hot chocolate and just take a deep breath. Sigh.

I'm not sure what it is about this year, but Christmas isn't the same. I look forward to Christmas all.year.long. This week it hit me that I'm just not ready.

I've purchased very few gifts and have not done anything I've wanted to do. I am determined to do the following this weekend and I will squeeze it in no matter what.

Bake goodies to give away
Bake cookies to eat ;)
Snuggle in my parents car with a hot chocolate and look at Christmas lights in Laguna
Send out Christmas Cards (this is a huge iffy)
Go through Starbucks and order a hot chocolate (a must)
Do a blog tour of our Christmas setup at home
Actually POST the blog tour
Send out my sister's Christmas goodies
Finish Christmas shopping (hmm)
Thank the Lord for being my Redeemer (absolute must)
Watch Home Alone 2 (I love it)

Christmas shouldn't be stressful... why do we make it stressful? Just let it come and everything will fall into place. (not really but that sure sounds good.)

Bring it on, Christmas. I'm ready for you!

Happy Stressing and Merry Christmas.


Photo courtesy of (Jay Birdie)

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