Monday, May 04, 2009

Showers and Farms

Is this weekend really Mother's Day weekend? It came way to fast. I haven't prepared anything for my mom or the mothers in my life. I feel like time is slipping by so fast. Wouldn't it be nice to have a pause button on the clock of life. Maybe 5 uses out of a lifetime. I'd use one this year, for sure. I'm trying to think of an inexpensive gift for the Mom... any ideas?


I bought and printed my sister's Bridal Shower invitations last week. They cost too much but I couldn't pass them by. There's this store by the Newport bay that sells fine invitations for you to print or have printed. I chose the "have printed" since I don't pick my money off trees, which is what they must think the amount they charge.

Here is what I sent out.

The night after the shower will be the "Girls Night Out". Just the bride and bridesmaids. I am looking forward to this... Since it's just family (My sister, cousin, sister-in-law and unofficial someday-t0-be sister-in-law) we can get pretty crazy. Girls will be girls...


Among all the parties, are house is in a little bit of a disarray with my sister moving. She is selling things she's held onto for 30 some-odd years and packing her stuff up. One good thing... I get to keep clothes she can't fit into her suitcases. ;)

A little over two weeks and she'll be gone.

I've made plans for after she leaves to keep me pretty busy until the wedding in July.. hopefully they will work as a distraction...


I have an addiction. Seriously. It consist of farming. Pigs. Cows. Trees. Seeds. And other farmers. Oh boy.

I don't normally play games online, I would rather be reading or watching a movie, but this one has pulled me in. It's called Farm Town and can be found on Facebook. It's completely addicting.

You know your addicted when you experience the following...
#1 You wake up at night talking in your sleep about fields around you ready to harvest ( and no... this wasn't a spiritual dream lol).
#2 You're singing and worshiping in church, on the platform mind you, thinking about God and then you're reminded that you need to hire farmers to harvest your fields tomorrow... oh my.

Do you see why it's a problem?

My name is Deb and I'm a faux farmer.


Jenster said...

What a cute invitation! I hope you girls have fun with all the festivities!! :o)

Becky said...

Faux Farmer, lol.

See, this is why I don't dare do Facebook. Blogging consumes enough of my time, and if I were to find that game, I'd be on it all the time like I used to be with "Oregon Trail" back in the days when I worked in a computer lab at my husband's school.

Waaaaay cute invitations. You gals are going to have a ball, I just know it.

Katybug said...

Deb, I have a similar problem...I go around dreaming of an assembly-line burger machine, filling up drinks, dishing ice cream, and boxing up fries and onion rings! I play Burger Shop on aol. I have NEVER played so much I dreamed about it! Talk about freaky. Hi everyone, I'm Katybug, and I'm a Burger Shopaholic! (Hi, Katybug)

LOOOOOVE THE INVITES!!!! SO VERY CUTE!!! I wouldn't pass those up either! Well done!!

The Daily Bee said...

Katy - that is so funny. And you answered yourself back! ROTFL. Made me laugh out loud in the office. =)