Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just Topics!

Happy Belated Memorial Day! I love Memorial Day and Labor Day. For some reason I look forward to having a Monday off... maybe I need a new job? Oh boy.

My sister left on Saturday. Boohoo. I felt like my world fell apart on Saturday night. It snuck up on me and I wasn't prepared for the gut wrenching feelings of seeing her room empty and her things gone. All my life she's been there; being eight years older, she is like a second mom and my dearest friend, but now everything has changed. I'm sure it's for the better... just waiting for the "better" to reveal itself, which , of course, I know it will. But, today I am doing better. Much better.

On Sunday we had our first service in our new building! If you've followed my blog for a while you'll remember that this has been a long journey... but it's over! Our building is in the heart of Southern California and it's an empty shell that is be worked on practically every minute of every day. So exciting to see it unfold.

I am having my first yard sale this weekend. Very first. I have to buy a plane ticket for my sister's wedding. An expensive plane ticket. So, I am gathering everything for my first yard sale... hopefully it goes well because if it doesn't I may be hitchhiking my way across America.

I am itching to read a good book! I'm even going so far as thinking, thinking, of reading a friends copy of the teeny bob book - Twi*light. Yep. I said it and I may just do it. I want to see what all the fuss is about. How can teens be so swept away with a love story that even mom's are gushing about?

You all know that I am a huge fan of the Goss*elins... I was so upset to hear the junk that's been said the past few months. I know it's TV and media, and I know I don't know them from Adam, but I really do enjoy, or enjoyed, watching this show. I loved the kids and the interaction between Ka*te, Jo*n and the kids. But it looks like it's all over. I am sad and wondering if I'll bother watching the rest of the season. Looks like it's going to be a tabloid mess.

Last but not least, my camera is bulging with pictures that need to be uploaded. I have so many pictures to share from my weekend, bridal shower, and a new puppy (not mine)! So be on the lookout.


Anonymous said...

Deb, I really enjoyed reading this post - all of it.

What you described in your sister is what I am to one of my sisters. I would be this to all four of them, but only one allows me to be. She is awesome and I'm thankful she's in my life. :-)

Becky said...

First off, loooove your header.

Life: Dern sisters, having to go get married and change everything, lol.

Church: WooHOO on the new building! At long last.

Money: May the Lord bless your garage sale with many customers...we wouldn't want you to have to hitchhike (or take Greyhound).

Books: I finally read A Passion Denied and really enjoyed it. The ending was far different than I thought it would be.

Reality: The Plus Eight thing breaks my heart. Non-celebrities trying to work through marriage difficulties is bad enough, but in the midst of a media circus? They need to quit that show. It's too much stress on their lives. I realize that the money they make probably helps with all the kids, but to me...the papparazi and the media frenzy...SO not worth it the cost of a marriage.

Anonymous said...

Okay Deb, just go ahead and read "Twilight!" I'm 50 and I enjoyed it! It was like a trip back to high school....