Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fabulous Friday and Then Some...

Fabulous Summer TV Shows!
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I haven't been following very many TV shows recently, just don't have the time. But I did start watching...

Little People*, Just Married* on TLC*
I love the interaction between the two and the fact that she's a doctor! Just blows my mind.

Wipeout* on ABC*
This show aired on Tuesday nights last summer, our Weight* Watcher* meeting night. All of us that did Weight Watchers would gather around and watch this and just die laughing. It was a good distraction from snacking and what not.

The Baby Borrowers* on NBC*
I thought this was going to be a corny show, teens trying to be parents... It turned out to be very interesting. Some teens made it, some didn't. Goes to show you that teens now days aren't always fit to be parents.

Jon* & Kate Plus* 8 on TLC*

I will always love this show. No matter the mess that is surrounding it. I even own it on DVD! Yes, I do. I told someone that last night and they laughed and said, "Are you serious?". I would DVR it every Monday at 6PM. Come home from work, get some dinner together and watch it. This show was my Monday evening relaxer. I hope they work things out...

:::: :::: ::::

My sister's bridal shower was May 15th, the theme was Costa Rican since this is where she is going on her honeymoon. The bridesmaids and our church ladies joined in the efforts and let me just say it got wild. But so much fun!

I got her this... of course the full picture wouldn't be on here... ;)

The following night we had a girls night. Just the Bride and Bridesmaids. We went to the Spaghetti Factory in Newport since we are all on a budget with having to pay for the party the night before AND our tickets to the wedding. The food was delish and I didn't take pictures with my good camera, so nothing to show for it if you don't count the extra pound hanging around my behind.

We went back home and had another spread. Another spread. My cousin made virgin margaritas since most of us don't drink. So yummy!
All in all it was a crazyfun night with some wild stunts and extra crazy gifts for the bride-to-be.

:::: :::: ::::

Memorial weekend was a busy one. Emotional and tiring, but Memorial Day turned out to be oh so nice! We went to our local fair for some good food, BBQ'd shish kabobs and corn and swam. The day had to be the most perfect weather of the year.

I did take one little thing to bed with me that night...

This is me and my sunburn. Darn thing.


Danielle said...

I'll take your sun burn and raise you a horrible spray tan ;) haha.

Love love loved the little couple! It was SO cute! I think they are adorable, and hope they do have kids soon.

Wipeout is hilarious. I have seen a bit and usually laugh hysterically. The promos for the show always make me laugh, but when I actually watch, I get really bored after about 5 minutes.

The Baby Borrowers isn't bad either. I did watch a little last year.

Last but not least, I LOVE J&C plus 8, BUT the premiere was just SOOOOOOO depressing!!! Don't you agree?

The Daily Bee said...

J&C + 8 was beyond depressing. So different than how the last 4 years have been. Sad sad sad!

I guess the sunburn wasn't that bad compared to the botched suntan. haha

Mel said...

I have always loved J&C+8 and am so bummed about the crap going on. I am living the in UK so we are a bit behind but I hate to see all this tabloid/media coverage. Love your blog!

Becky said...

Great post!

See, the reason we DON'T have Cable or Sat TV hooked up is because of ESPN (Jeff), The History Channel, TLC and HGTV...we'd never get a thing done if we could watch all those shows...because along with JK+8 and 17 & Counting (which we've watched before) now, thanks to you, the Little People Just Married and the Baby Borrowers look far too fascinating...

It sounds like your sis has been blessed with lots of love and support heading up to her big day. I'm so happy for her!