Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Weekend - Part 2

I left off here because that post just got too long. On Saturday I helped my sister with a "wedding/moving" yard sale which begin my "so tired can't keep my head up" state of mind.

On Sunday we had an nontraditional Easter. Our church just purchased a prime piece of property in Irvine and we wanted to invite people to come and meet us and spend Easter Sunday eating, playing games and getting to know each other. I had to work with the kids while I complained all day long, I really did and it makes me cringe, about my back and the fact that there wasn't enough Easter eggs for the kids... Oh being a women is hard stuff... men have it so easy. No mood swings would make life so much more easier!

Here are a few pictures...

(My sister with her clown face)

(This is my pastor's dad. He is always the clown but this year his makeup wasn't done very well. He was not too happy with it after kids saw him and ran. It reminded me of a character in the movie Moulin Rouge.)

(This is my little buddy. He's almost 5 months old and the sweetest little guy, Zion. He is a special boy, he's missing his forearm on his right side so I call him Nemo. Just thought I show ya his sweet face... lol)


Becky said...

That sounds like a great way to celebrate Easter! I was listening to Christian radio last year prior to Easter, and they talked about how Egg Hunts and carnivals and such were a great way to send up a faith flag in the community, getting them into churches and hopefully resulting in many coming to Christ.

Awwww...Nemo is a PERFECT nickname for that little cutie patootie. He's probably going to grow up thinking the movie was made just for him, lol.

Katybug said...

Omigosh, Zion is SO CUTE!!! He & Yummy could be buddies...!