Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend - Part 1

Easter weekend was a FLASH. I got to work on Monday morning, practically laying over the desk. Exhaustion does not even remotely describe how I felt.

On Friday night my sisters and I went to a friends Birthday party. She is my wild friend and sometimes drives me nuts, but is always there when you need her and she makes me laugh! A good friend should always make you laugh... ;)

(Sonia and Lexie - the birthday girl)

(Catherine and I)

We went to this Armenian restaurant in downtown Whittier (which is in Los Angeles for those not familiar). I am no fan of trying new things. The only thing that I crave that is not American, Mexican or Italian is Thai. Mmmmmm sounds good right about now. So anyway, we had hummus, yummy. Then came the processed meat. I leaned over to my sister and said - "So... drive-thru on the way home?". I like my meat to be unchewed. I got asked over and over "Isn't this food good?", my response was "This is so fun!" lol.

They brought out these little cups of Armenian coffee and baklava, which I love. The coffee nearly killed me after a few sips. That would keep you up all.night.long!

On the way to the restaurant we drove/walked by this little store called Village Sweets. I recognized it right away and yelled "Peter Perrrrrrfect!". I love this show and used to watch it, when I still had time, and even downloaded this particular episode on iTunes. I had to go in after dinner and take a couple of pictures and buy something. Chocolate covered strawberry and a cheesecake frosting strawberry. Oh me oh my, so gooood.

Here's a little clip of Peter Perfect's critique...

Here is what it looks like after...

Part 2 to come...

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Becky said...

So...what KIND of meat was it, exactly? Spam? Shredded goat? Mincemeat?

The baklava looks good, anyway.

I have a hard time eating anything I'm not accustomed to. I mean, I gross out super easy. I could barely do lamb, lol.

Give me an In&Out protein style cheesburger anyday.