Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Cherry Baby Shower - "Oh Baby"

This past weekend our family hosted a baby shower for my cousin, Stacey. My aunt has a beautiful home with a view of the ocean and hills in Laguna Niguel. We didn't need many decorations which was a good thing since there is nothing out there for a cherry themed party. Any type of party. I decided to make cherries and little "Oh Baby" signs that my sister added a nice touch to. I somehow became the coordinator of this shower since my sister is busy planning her wedding and day dreamin' of someone far far away, lol. So, I took it over and ran with it. Hectic, stressful and unorganized until the last minute. I thought it turned out great in the end and it was exactly what my cousin wanted. The family chipped in with food, sandwiches and salads. My aunt got some games together and we were ready to go.
The mommy-to-be
The most scrumptious cherry cupcakes. I made these with my own rendition of cherry cupcake and Paula Dean's Cherry frosting recipe.

There was a sweet treat in one of the cupcakes...

My grandma found the sweet treat... a little plastic baby.

What a perfect setting, right?

The tables, not very baby showerish which is exactly what I wanted! =)

I got the "Oh Baby" from a stamp that I used on the invites. We carried the theme throughout...

Onesie section that my aunt setup. My sister and I made the cutouts with the baby's name.

The spread!

This is my aunt who is 89 years old and acts like she's 55! ;) My beautiful Grandma is to the right.

The following picture is so gross, but this should help those that love the poopy diaper game.

Please, please, let's put this game in the past... I think it's run it's course. Especially now since the new fad is co-ed showers. Men can't help themselves!

It was a perfect day! Family makes it exciting and it's even funnier to see people that are not in your family watch the antics.

Do you want to know a secret? I hate cherries. There cute, but they taste... ugh. =)

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Becky said...


Great photos, fantastic view, darling decor, theme, the food...everything. Your cousin was probably so delighted!

But I must admit it was those cupcakes that had me wanting to reach through the monitor and sample one!~FABULOUS JOB, DAHLINK (as Zsa Zsa or Eva Gabor would have said.)

Now tell me, why couldn't your sister help with all this again? ;) Just kidding...I'm sure she's walking around with a silly grin, head in the clouds and just a tad distracted these days.

Loved your picture collage at the end, too.