Monday, September 15, 2008

She's just so funny

My sweet, funny, crazy cousin Eileen is very close to me; more like a sister than a cousin. She is my oldest cousin and always, always has some funny story or incident to retell. As you can see from the above photo, which I hope I won't get killed for posting, there is never a dull moment.

I must share some things that happened this week that involve her. I am actually sitting at my desk at this moment, laughing so hard that my stomach hurts and I believe the girls outside my office may think I've gone crazy.

This morning she forwarded an email that she sent to the marketing team for the high profile company that she works for. She made an error on a form and said, "Sorry for the incontinence or confusion." In other words, she was saying, "Sorry for the bodily excretion disorder or confusion".

Earlier this week, she was telling a story about her mother dealing with her phone service. My aunt is a no nonsense kind of woman. She'll tell you what she thinks, no holding back... but she was unsure on this call.

She was on the phone with a representative that wasn't being very helpful, my cousin was in the background telling her, "Mom, their phone service sucks!", My aunt continued trying to talk to the phone service, but was getting no where. "Mom, they suck!", my cousin repeated. My aunt then said in the mouthpiece, "Ma'am... ma'am...uh, my daughter says that you suck." Yes she did.

There have times that she tells a story that makes me laugh so hard, sometimes at her, sometimes with her. Ha ha ha! She's the wild child of the family, I refuse to believe that I am, and she always goes for the shock factor. She's worn two different shoes to the office, she's fallen in front of people and laughed like crazy, she's jumped out of closets in her birthday suit and one time, while practicing her Spanish as a teenager, she hollered after the Spanish pastor of our church, "Adios viejo!" - English Translation: "Goodbye old man!"

She takes the cake for the funniest person I know. I get myself ready whenever I hear, "Deb, I have something funny to tell you!", as she laughs hysterically.


Queen Catherella said...

ooooohhhhh... she's gonna kill you dead for that picture... HA HA HA!!

Yes, she is the funniest person I know!!!

Becky said...

I'm gonna say it again and again...y'all have some great genes in that family! Pretty girls...every last one of you!

The Daily Bee said...

Aw, thanks, Becky! =)

pink lady said...

Deb, that is so true about her, but what do you expect, she's a blond in disguise! I don't think that she'll kill you just yet, she needs your craziness to make it worth while.