Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jelly Legs, Fighter Jets, and Babies

Have you ever been so afraid that your legs turn to jelly? Wobbly, no strength legs? Just skin and jelly bones. Never has that happened to me... until last night.

My sister, SIL and I were watching a movie, relaxing after work before our WW meeting, when we heard a rumbling. We looked at each other not moving. The rumbling got louder and louder and we jumped up and started screaming. I heard my sister screaming something about a plane crashing and I took off. We were yelling but couldn't hear each other. My first thought was, this is it, and then blank... no other thought but to hide. I can't hide because the plane is bigger then this house. I immediately started looking for someone to hold on to when the rumbling started subsiding to the point where I could hear my SIL screaming from the front yard that there was a jet.

Now let me tell you, we've had fighter jets go over a couple times a year since the path to and from bases are above our home, but never has this happened.

Once outside, I could see the jet in the distance. I felt my legs starting to give out and my chest getting tight as I fell on our porch bench. Dramatic? I would say so if I had not just heard and felt the rumbling. My body was shaking from the nerves and the fear that I had just experienced. I managed to get my jelly legs to work to check on my dad and my mom who had been out walking. Neighbors came out of their homes and stood on the front lawns looking up. I called my brother who was on the freeway 5 or so miles away and he said that the jet had just flown over. I called my younger brother and as I was on the phone with him, another one was coming. I knew what it was but still my heart began racing and my hands shaking. I ran out to the front yard to see it go over. My poor brother didn't know what was happening, all he could hear was, "Their coming back!", "Oh, Jesus!", "I'm scared", "Look at those missiles!!" lol.

I was jittery the whole night and what made it worse is the sirens going off during and right after, we think that people might have had a little too much of a scare like us.

Too much excitement for me! I would never survive in a war zone or on base!


My Bloggy Buddy, Katybug, at Watercolor Wisdom or Lack Thereof had a Baby Girl yesterday!


Queen Catherella said...

I know this sounds melodramatic, but seriously, I will NEVER forget that experience. I honestly thought a commercial plane was getting ready to crash into our house! SCARWEEEEE!!

Becky said...

Wow, about what time was that, because we heard something, too. I actually said to my family, "Shhh" and we listened, but then thought it was a commercial truck driver starting his truck up on the other side of our block wall.

Did you see on that two Russian bombers had landed in Venezuela? I wondered if what you heard might have been our Civil Defense jets were acting in response to them flying 'past' our country? Hmmm.

Shauna said...

Wow, that sounds like something I hope to never experience. Or maybe something I'd like to be PREPARED for before it happened. ;-) My legs felt like jelly when I thought I had lost my youngest son. He was standing outside the church with me one minute and the next he was gone. I hadn't been watching him very closely and assumed he went inside with my mother. There was a huge storm coming and I couldn't find him. I had visions of him being hurt or scared, lying in the ditch somewhere. Turned out he was happily playing in the church basement with some friends. Scared me silly!


The Daily Bee said...

Becky- That may have been the case... kinda makes sense

Jenster said...

Between the WWII book I'm reading right now and the way things are going around the globe that would have totally freaked me out!!