Monday, August 25, 2008

San Diego/Wedding - Part 1

I had a long long long weekend. We, my sister and I, packed up and drove to our families house in SD for my cousins wedding reception on Saturday. We got there late on Friday night, we had to make a little stop on the way to grab a couple of things because I "had nothing to wear!!" and I did not bring a single pair of shoes that didn't flip flop when I walked, why? I have no idea. So shoes were on the shopping list as well.

We woke at 6:30 AM on Saturday and got everything together for the day, hustled over to my cousin's house and then we were off to the hotel to decorate and get everything in order.
The hotel was beautiful! Two moon shaped buildings on the SD bay. The reception room overlooked the bay with boats lined up on the docks.

(Click on pictures to enlarge)
My cousin had planned a nautical theme to go along with the scenery, things came together rather quickly with the exception of the little run in's with the Mother of the Groom who thought it was HER wedding reception. lol.

Cake and Seating Sail Boats

Candy Bar & Centerpiece

Cristian and Mommy / Sonia and I

I situated myself next to the dance floor so I could take pictures and make fun of my family as they tried to dance. I think my aunt thought that she was still in the 1970's with the way she was moving.

I had a little wardrobe malfunction as soon as I walked into the reception....

I ended up wearing flip flops, ugh; so much for stopping for shoes!

My cousin Emilie looked beautiful. They had gotten married with immediate family and my parents in Las Vegas a couple of weeks back and planned a reception for their family and friends to celebrate with them.


Jenster said...

*sigh* I love San Diego...

The wedding looked lovely! And your pictures are beautiful!

Speaking of beautiful - you and Sonia are gorgeous!!

Katybug said...

I looooooooooooooooooooooooove weddings. *heavy sigh* Thanks for sharing. Sorry about your wardrobe the shoes!

Becky said...

Fabulous photos, Deb. And from a cake decorator's perspective... that cake was INCREDIBLE! You guys did a smashing job of decorating everything. Congratulations to your cousin and her groom!

Bummer on the shoe problemo...but hey, at least at a wedding, you could be certain all attention was focused on the bride and groom and that likely nobody would notice your feet, lol. There are worse occasions in which to have wardrobe malfunctions, lol.

The Daily "B" said...

Jenster - Thank you, I love San Diego too. The scenery is incredible!

Katy - I am not too big on weddings that aren't family. Why? I have no idea. lol. But since this was family I did enjoy it. I thought those shoes were cute too! too bad.

Becky - Wasn't that cake pretty? Funny thing is, the cake "people" brought the topper and it was a all cream.??? very odd. lol

And I only got a few funny stares as I walked around with my flip flops. lol. Good thing all attention was on the Bride and Groom.

Purely Sony said...

Great pictures Deb! I love the one of them dancing...beautiful!

I actually had a great time! I just wish Peter was there, but we still had lots of fun and lots of laughs!

My favorite part of the wedding…the Candy Bar and the cake, it was so good!!!!

(Jenster - Thank you for the nice complement) :-)