Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Passion Redeemed by Julie Lessman

No man can resist her charms. Or so she thought. Charity O'Connor is a woman who gets what she wants. Her stunning beauty and flirtatious ways have always succeeded with men. Until Mitch Dennehy, that is. Brilliant and dangerously handsome, Mitch is a no-nonsense newspaperman who wants nothing to do with her. Charity burned him once, destroying his engagement to the only woman he ever truly loved. He won't play with matches again. But Charity has a plan to turn up the heat, hoping to ignite the heart of the man she loves. And she always gets what she wants--one way or another. Or does she? Will her best-laid schemes win his love? Or will her seductive ways drive him away forever?

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After reading A Passion Most Pure, I had doubts it could get any better. A Passion Redeemed is a story of forgiveness and redemption. It touches your heart in a way that most fiction books just surface. **If you haven't read book 1, you may want to stop reading**.

I counted the days until this book came out. Knowing that usually gets books in early, I checked often to see if I could beat the release date. Sure enough, I saw the little green in stock and ordered two copies, one for my sister-in-law and one for me. I was out of town when my SIL called and said, "The books are here!". We squealed on the phone and I did a little jig in my head since I was sitting in the car.

In A Passion Most Pure, we left off with Charity being a young spoiled, selfish girl that used her looks to get what she wanted and didn't care who it hurt in the process. She was out to ruin the life of the person that she hated the most, her sister.

A Passion Redeemed prologue picks up right at the end of A Passion Most Pure. Charity is still in Ireland and wrecking havoc. My first thought was, oh no, here we go again.

The challenges that Charity came against made her into a different person, no need to worry whether or not she'll be likable. I must say though, she did some horrific things in APR; prepare yourself.

With PMP I carried it everywhere, work, car, home. Anywhere that I went it went with me. Same for APR, I couldn't get any work done knowing that Charity was up to something, again, and Mitch was doing this or that. I must confess, I did read under my desk, yet again. This is becoming a "thing" with Julie Lessman books. Julie, I love your books but my employer may not. Ha ha ha ha.

Book 3 will be out in March 2009, and I am beyond excited. Julie Lessman gives you a little glimpse of the characters of Book 3 in A Passion Redeemed. I fell in love with one of the characters that showed up towards the end of the book, well, he was there all along, but he really comes to the front towards the end.

Julie Lessman is one of the best Edgy Inspirational authors out there. You'll never be dissapointed when reading her books. Her books speak to the romantic heart and stir the soul.

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Becky said...

I can't wait to get my mitts on that book!

Grrr. I'm in the middle of escrow and planning paint colors and flooring, and don't have a spare minute to spend reading...but I will, by golly. I will!

Katybug said...

THAT is the book I want to take with me to the hospital...IF I get to do any reading!!! Going to get it tomorrow!! Woo hoo!!!

angela said...

I'm excited to see what Mitch is up to. Charity...not so much.