Tuesday, August 26, 2008

San Diego Weekend - Part 2

My sister and I got a hotel room for Saturday night since she was meeting up with an old friend from high school in the area. My cousin, her boyfriend, and my nephew Cristian stayed as well.
We went to Sea Port Village, first thing I did was take Cristian on the carousel. The carousel has been moved from over eight places. I believe it was first built in the early 1900's. Cristian loved it! He was yelling and waving at everyone we went by.

I took the above photos with my camera phone after my camera died. I went in search of somewhere to buy batteries and ended up paying $15 for two batteries! Well worth it thought since the view was incredible.

Below is a picture from a dock between the Coronado Naval Base and the Coronado Bridge.

Coronado Naval Base

My brother and his girlfriend, Stephanie, went with us and of course, I took a ton of pictures of them as he protested. The thing about my brother is that he protest but really loves it when people take pictures of him, if you were to look at his camera you would find a ton of photos that HE took of himself.
(Click to enlarge)

We were coming around a corner, looking at the water and watching the sunset when I heard screaming. After looking around for some crazy person running through the crowd with flailing arms, I spotted parrots. Who knew they could make such a ruckus.

We ate this incredible pizza, mouth watering. If you haven't already notices, I love taking pictures of food. To me it's beautiful, most food, not all. I had people asking me at the wedding, "Did you really just take a picture of that salad?". It was a pretty salad.

On Sunday we went to Coronado Island. I love love love Coronado, the smells and colors, It's breathtaking.
Views from the bridge...

I've mentioned the Hotel Del Coronado before, we always make a point to stop here if we have some time. Stephanie is a big Marilyn Monroe fan, I recently showed her Some Like It Hot which was filmed at the Hotel Del Coronado in 1959.

The weather was perfect, ocean breeze with the sun's heat. We sat at the Hotel beach for a while before heading to Moo's Creamery for some ice cream to cool off.

We had so much fun, I'm now trying to recuperate and keep my lids open for another day of work. lol. I have a WW meeting tonight and from the looks of the pizza above you can tell that it won't be thrilling.

Hope you enjoyed this long, picture filled post. =)

BTW - I'm in the middle of A Passion Redeemed, excellent! You must order it!


Purely Sony said...

First of all, great pictures Deb! The very first picture though is my absolute favorite, I love it! One of the best pictures, I think, that you have ever taken!

I love San Diego, especially Coronado, it’s so beautiful there.

And thanks for the picture of the pizza, it looks yummy! :-)

Becky said...

Love the pictures, Deb. Y'all look like you were having a ball together (and you're all cute...every last one!)...the food looked yum, the scenery.

I LOVE Coronado Island and San Diego...and Seaport Village. Do they still have the tea cup/mug store there?

I'm SO jealous...I've been to three bookstores and can't find the new Julie Lessman. Auuuugh!
Is it out yet, or are you just her favorite fan, lol?

The Daily "B" said...

For some reason I've not been able to find Julie Lessman's books in bookstores either... I bought #2 at Christianbook.com. I believe the book is supposed to be out in stores in September... I am just about done and it is so good! I can't wait until March when the 3rd book comes out.