Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another long week...

Let me start by saying, you ARE at The Daily B. I've changed my background so many times that I've learned to accept the fact that I am a compulsive background changer. The black was depressing and that's is the last thing I needed to look at when I signed on.

For some reason, I can't seem to catch up on sleep, maybe it's due to watching the Olympics and not being able to pull myself away when the swimming is on late at night. Or it could be that I am just exhausted from life. eh, either or.

My mom started back on her shots for her tumor this morning and it just unnerves me. She is getting ready to make a decision since the shots have pretty much done all they can do which was not very much. She is supposed to see a specialist at Cedar Sinai, one of the top hospitals in the nation and home to all the overindulged celebrities. My conscious just told me to be nice. lol.

This specialist is the head of Neurosurgery and supposed to world renown. I told my sister-in-law that maybe, just maybe God was conditioning the surgeon for such a time as this. My mom is pretty special to me and that much more to God, so I can see Him doing something like this.

I will be glad when this hurdle is behind us and we can look back and say, "Mom remember when you had a tumor the size of a golf ball and God took care of everything...". Now to just tackle this little fear whispering in my ear...


We started Community Groups at our church and our area comes to our home. Very cool way to meet the community and to invite others that are a little hesitant about stepping into a church building. We are holding off on buying another building at this time, God's taking us into another place and of course, we follow. We are going to reach the OC one way or another, this is the right place to start, getting to know the people and showing them a side of God that maybe they never knew existed.


My sister did her screen test on Saturday, those of you that follow her blog will know what I'm referring to. I was asked to come along to do her makeup and hair... lol. Funny thing is I don't know anything about makeup and neither does she. So there we were in the makeup aisle at Walgreen's, looking for things that we'd seen on What Not To Wear. I told her to keep her voice down after she said, "NO! That's eyeliner!". We looked like makeup idiots. I think I did a pretty good job of giving her a camera face.


This weekend/week has been long so far, I'm looking forward to the weekend...


Katybug said...

But Deb, the ever-changing backgrounds are only ONE of the things I love about your blog!!! I can't wait to see what you put up next!

I do hope this new specialist is able to help your mom. I will be praying for just that. I love the closeness you have with your family. I must confess to being somewhat envious of that. You are truly blessed.

Queen Catherella said...

"I told her to keep her voice down after she said, "NO! That's eyeliner!"

That's your usual response everytime we are in public together.

At restaurants---- Shhhhhh keep your voice down...

At work ---- Shhhhhhhhhhhh you're too loud

At home ---- Shhhhhhh I'm trying to watch something

In the store ----- Shhhhhhhh why are you so loud!?

And of course this isn't just your response to ME (to those of you who are now picturing me as a very loud. boisterous person...), this is your reponse to EVERYONE who raises their voice above a whisper! ha ha ha

the funny thing is... sometimes you are the loudest one of all... Hmmmmmmm (o:

hee hee hee...

Becky said...

IS THAT NEW JULIE LESSMAN BOOK OUT??? Or are you 'previewing' it?
(Because if you are, it's not fair you have it up when I can't read it. ;) *pouts*

You did a great job being your sisters stylist!

I'll continue praying for your mom's treatments (and I so agree with wishing you were already past that hurdle remembering it...but these things build our faith and trust, and make those reminiscences all the better.

I've heard that Cedar Sinai is a wonderful hospital. I'm sure she'll be in top-knotch hands there, I'm sure.

The Daily "B" said...

Katy - I'll have to see the compulsive background changing from your point of view, lol. My family is extremely close. I am completely blessed.

Catherine - I have sensitive ears, what can I say... lol

Becky - That is the new Julie Lessman!! The original release date was September, I noticed on that they said it was instock, I ordered it on Friday and it was shipped out today, yay!

Thank you for your prayers!