Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shaken Up

We had an earthquake this morning that nearly threw me off the bed! I was staying home from work in the morning to care for my mom, we had just settled on her bed and she was getting ready to doze off when it hit. Normally the quakes are rolling. It feels like you're on a boat in the middle of a rocky sea; this one was jerking and lasted for a good 15-20 seconds . Talk about joggeling your brain, is joggeling a word? Anyway, I am very scared of quakes. Hurricanes and Tornadoes can pretty much be prepared for, earthquakes sneak up on you and are done before you can make a plan. The last big one we had was in 1987! Oy.

I was no help, thank God my brother was with us at the time and he was able to get my mom out of bed and under a doorway.

I just called out "Jesus" and prayed that this wasn't the "Big One". During and after a quake everyone in the whole county gets on the phone. Literally. The lines go dead from the quake and the usage. The phone rings off the hook with everyone calling, "Are you okay?". Yes, we made it. lol.

If I can just kick the jittered feeling I'll be able to get some work done. Did I mention that I hate earthquakes?

-Daily B-


Becky said...

I heard they felt a good "jolt" down in L.A. area, but this side of the mountains, it was just that rolling motion like being on a boat.

Glad y'all are okay.

Did your mom have her surgery?

The Daily "B" said...

Yep, very large 15-20 sec jolt. Scary stuff. You all usually get the Joshua Tree quakes, right? Those usually reach us at a roll and aren't so jerky.

My mom had her surgery on Sunday. She got home last night and is doing good.

Love the new pic!