Thursday, July 17, 2008

Random Nothings and Then Some...

It has been a long two weeks! I haven't blogged very much or checked out everyone else's blogs.

After the 4th it seemed like everything was happening. This past Friday my mom found out that her liver didn't look normal, after her blood work was checked. This is caused by the excessive amount of meds she is taking to shrink her tumor. Her specialist wanted her to cut back until she could see her first thing Monday. She did another rushed blood test and was scheduled for an ultrasound the following morning. Come to find out she has gallstones. My mother, the lady whose never been on meds before this tumor and the lady who is as healthy as a horse... even with the tumor. She was not too happy, but at least she doesn't have to take anymore shots as of right now! Woohoo!!!

The doctors are going to find another way to treat this rarest of the rare tumors. How? I don't know, that's why I am NOT an MD.


On the 4th I was peeling raw shrimp for a ceviche with my cousin. We were all pretty sick over the 4th weekend and figured we caught some bug that was going around. My cousin developed a weird rash on her hand and a day later I did too... puzzling. The weird looking rash looked like I was badly burned or bruised. I started getting concerned so I called the Doctor, went in and was told that it looked like it might have been an allergic reaction... weird. My cousin went in to the doctor and was diagnosed with Vibrio vulnificus. Her Doctor told her that our family was lucky because someone could have died from it! Hello! I called my doctor and she still thinks I have a rash and antibiotics are needed. I thinks she's wrong but hey, what can you do? lol


I am so excited this time of the year. The OC Fair started last week. I love, love , love the Fair. Once I walk through the gates I leave my diet and good eating habits outside. Cinnamon Rolls, Grilled Corn, Strawberry Shortcake, and a million other yummy things to add to your thighs and deriair!

I'll have a ton of pictures to post. The OC Fair is pretty big and packed. The food is good, weather is good, good concerts... It's got it all.

-Daily B-


Shauna said...

Oh, that sounds like fun! I took my boys to the fair last week and they had a blast. For me, the fair is all about cotton candy and mini donuts. I made myself soooo sick on the donuts it took DAYS to recover. Yeah, the "diet and good eating" goes to pot at the fair. tee-hee.

Becky said...

I'm glad your mom 'just' had gallstones. Hope she's feeling better soon!

I, too, love the fair. I love the corn, too. At the Minnesota State Fair, we always used to get fried cheese curds. They sound disgusting, but we loved them. Mmmm...they squeaked in your teeth. Appetizing, huh?

Love the new look of your blog! The Parisian skyline!

The Daily "B" said...

Shauna - You can't leave the fair with cotton candy! I usually make myself sick from the broad mixture of food. lol

Becky - Our fair always has a special theme. Last year it was Avocado. Anything that could be made with Avocados was made... even some things that were questionable like Avocado ice cream. ugh.

This years theme is CHEESE. How can it get better than that?? If they have cheese curds, I'll try some for you. =)