Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Eventful 4th of July Weekend

I had an eventful 4th. I woke up early to the house running around. My Gramps heart stopped and was shocked back.

Seeing my Gramps in the hospital is not easy. I don't remember one time visiting him in the hospital. He's always been at home sitting in his chair with his tea.

We rushed to the hospital, about 35 minutes away and met with everyone in his room. My Aunts and Uncles and cousins... the room was packed out. How we were able to sneak us all into his CICU room puzzles me.
On the way into the hospital we bumped into a lady decked out in patriotic clothing and a blue wig. She was having each person that walked by grab a piece of candy out of her bag, I put my hand in and grabbed a Mr. Goodbar, my Sister-in-law put her hand in and grabbed a Hershey Bar, my sister put her hand in and grabbed...

A nice little pack of sugar.

I went on a coffee run and mosied into the chapel where my sister, sister-in-law, and brother were. By that time they were done praying and just chatting. I found a cute red-haired professor under the pulpit... oh wait that's my cousin.

And my brother found a hymn book...

(You'll need to pause the player at the bottom)

So... we had some fun while at the hospital. lol

On Saturday my Gramps heart stopped again. Gave us a little scare because he was sure he wasn't going to make it through the night.

Sunday morning we found out that he stayed awake through the night because he was afraid to sleep. He was extra chatty but exhausted. The Doctors talked to him and reassured him that they were doing everything they can to prevent his heart from stopping again. After some anxiety medicine and tranquilizers he refused to have any visitors. Sleep was much needed.

As of today, things are just going minute by minute. I was able to see him late Sunday night. He was in good spirits but sleepy. Please keep him in your prayers.


We had several people coming over for a Bar-B-Que. We cancelled in case we had to rush to the hospital again. My cousin and her family came over and my brother and his girlfriend and friend.

We swam and ate hot dogs and hamburgers and lots of yummy salads.

My nephew was pooped from swimming and jumping, all by himself, in the pool. At 2 years old hes very stubborn and independent. He SITS in time out and LISTENS very well. If you tell him not to do something he doesn't do it, but if you let him go he is willing to try anything! By the time we were out of the pull he was pooped.

We had fireworks, not very many since we didn't have time to buy any in the morning. My brother Peter is our "Fire work lighter" every year. He's the one that lights the wicks of the legal and illegal. lol. My brothers made these tiny little bombs that are so loud they set off car alarms

This is what was left...

That was the end to my eventful, earsplitting 4th of July!

-Daily B-


Queen Catherella said...

Man oh Man! what a three day weekend it was! I love all the pictures you posted...

...and you hit all the highlights of July 4th!

It was a day of extreme highs and lows.... exhausting!

(I'm still trying to recupe!)

btw-- David's video is absolutely hilarious and so typical of him! and Danny! our little redheaded leprechaun cousin... ha ha ha... so cute! (well he's not so little at 22 yrs old, 5'10ish" ... but he'll always be "little dandy-dan" to me!)

Katybug said...

Your sister was robbed!!! ;-)

It was certainly an eventful day for you and your family. I will be praying for Grandpa. I miss mine very much. I'm glad you had some "silly time" at the hospital. Sometimes that tension and worry can only be handled with laughter!

The cake looks delish! What kind?

Shauna said...

Your poor sister. What a disappointment. ;-)

What a day you had. Be assured your Grandpa is in my prayers.

The book you're reading - LOVED IT! I love Linda Windsor. Did you read book one in this series?

Katybug said...

OOOOH! I meant to ask about that! I read the first one and am dying to read book #2!

The Daily "B" said...

Cat - Tiring is the first thought that comes to mind... but it seems ot be over. Thank God!

Katy - My poor, poor sister. Missing out on a good ol' chocolate bar. lol. The cake was a Jello cake. I usually make it during Christmas for no paticular reason. It's nice and cool, perfect for summer.

1 regualr cake mix, cooked and cooled.
Poke holes all over the cake
Prepare Jello as directed on box.
Pour over slowly over cake.
Put in fridge for a few hours to firm.
Cover with cool whip.

I've made it with white and lemon cake.

Shauna - I've read book 1 at your recommendation. Love it. I'm just starting Book 2, I've been slow in reading lately. So far it's good! I love the idea of girl next door meets Mr. Sauve.

The Daily "B" said...

Thanks for praying for my Gramps. He had a new defibrillator put in yesterday, this will shock his heart back if it stops again. He's on the mend.