Thursday, May 22, 2008

Streiker's Bride Saga - I've Been Tagged

I was tagged by the wonderful Katybug at Watercolor Wisdom... Or Lack Thereof. The whole idea is to post a Friday Recommendation of a book that I love but might have forgotten in the years.

Here's the original explanation from Patti Abbot as told on Katy's blog:
"This is the first of what I optimistically hope will become Friday recommendations of books we love but might have forgotten over the years. I have asked several people to help me by also remembering a favorite book. Their blog sites are listed below. I also asked each of them to tag someone to recommend a book for next Friday. I'm worried great books of the recent past are sliding out of print and out of our consciousness. Not the first-tier classics we all can name, but the books that come next."
My sister and I were chatting away last night, naming all the wonderful old, old books from the past that we have forgotten. I could think of so many wonderful not so popular books. One series of books comes to mind that I know you will love. I have not forgotten this series, in fact I have read book one so many times, over and over. I will tell you about Book one since giving the descriptions of book two and three will kinda spoil it.

Streiker Saga by Robin Hardy.

Streiker's Bride

Romance, Suspense, & Action

He had a lot to offer, but his terms were high. What would you do if you received the offer of a lifetime--marriage to a billionaire--with one catch: you had to make up your mind without ever seeing him? When lowly bank teller Adair Weiss receives such an offer from reclusive philanthropist Fletcher Streiker, she is dumbfounded and disbelieving: Why me? What does he know about me? What does he want? Rejecting his offer would mean the end of her dream of dancing. But accepting it would change her life in ways she never guessed. . . .

There are two more books following this, all about Adair Weiss and Fletcher Streiker. The hidden meaning is very clear after you read book 1. These books were written so well and will reach right in and touch you, making you open your eyes to the what the author was trying to bring across. I can't say enough about this Saga, read them for yourself and you'll know what I'm ranting about.

Buy the Book Here - Amazon

I tag Catherine at the Queens Castle for next Friday's Book Recommendation. She has been seriously reading since... I was in diapers. lol.. I am sure she'll come up with a great recommendation.


I picked a winner by drawing a name out of a cup for the Yada Yada Prayer Group...

Drum Roll, please....


-Daily B-


Queen Catherella said...

I have no idea how to top Streiker's Bride Saga.... these books are a must read!

Becky said...

Those sound really good! I'll have to put those on my TBR list...if I can track them down.
And thanks for choosing me (out of all the other possible winners, lol)...that was a real pick-me-up after the week I've had.

Shauna said...

OH MY, OH MY, OH MY!!! I can NOT believe you picked this series!! I read these years ago and LOVED the first book! It's the only one I remember clearly. The thing is, I couldn't remember the title or author. Just the basic storyline and its hidden meaning. A while back I was trying to remember and had resigned myself to the fact that this story was lost to me forever. How amazing that you spotlighted them!! THANK YOU!! I'm thrilled and can't wait to get my hands on them again.

The Daily "B" said...

Shauna - OMW!! That is great! I love it when that happens. Did you buy the series?