Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Picnic

We had our 10th Annual Memorial Day Picnic on Sunday. I spent the whole day trying to keep warm. The temperature dropped on Saturday and Sunday and the wind was blowing and the sky was covered with dark clouds.
I went on a walk with a group into the hills. I was ready to turn back when the warning signs for Mountain Lions begin to appear. Every little crack and chirp got my nerves to stand up and pay attention. I didn't want to admit how much of a chicken I was so I just made sure I was at the front and near the open spaces. Once we came around to the picnic site I was warmed up and achy.

(My nephew, Cristian)
Not long after I went with my cousin to the kiddie train that looped one side of the park. I somehow got it in my head to invite my sister-in-laws 3 year old nephew. Word spread and I found myself going with a large group.

We headed off to the train, halfway there we realized it wasn't as close as we thought. We walked and walked and walked and finally reached the train.

(cutest kiddies on the train)

We got on, looped around, laughed at some poor guy on a bike that was falling in the lake, waved at strangers, made several "choo choo" sounds and then came back to take pictures with the train.

On the way back we stopped to look at the ponies. One pony was... to put it nicely, exposed. We were back to ushering the kids along. No "curious little boy" questions came up, thank God.

My little charge, the mini hulk, was so sleepy so I offered my old lady back. Over long grassy areas and up hills until we were back at the picnic site.

By then, I was done. I sprawled out in my chair and bundled up. I chatted with my friends until we had to move our chairs to a hill for the outdoor service.

By then my teeth were chattering so bad that I bit my tongue. Here comes our music director, "you up for singing?" Sure. Try carrying a tune while your teeth are chattering. Not great.

Once we were on the hill and singing in the open air I begin to warm up. It was so beautiful and peaceful.

God seemed closer there. Surrounded by his creation, everyone bundled up and singing as cars passed by, stopping to see what was happening.

What a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. Today my muscles are still screaming but I wouldn't have done anything different.

-Daily B-


Jenster said...

Sounds lovely! Was that park in the Orange County hills? The kids and I went with my father-in-law to a park with a train and ponies and even a little zoo several years ago.

Just wondering. :o)

Becky said...

I'm a total wuss about mountain lions, too, lol. (And Coyotes lately, after all the recent attacks on small children).

It sounds like you had a wonderful Memorial Day picnic.

The Daily "B" said...

Jenster - That was probably the same park since it is in Irvine, I believe that's where your In-law's live right?

Becky - I know it! I recently read about an attack on a hiker in the same hills and told myself that I don't need to worry since I never hike... then I find myself in the middle of the trail. lol.