Friday, May 02, 2008

I fooorgot!

Memory loss has been the topic of the day in my family. My father has recently found out that he doesn't pay attention very well. We all were in on the secret, he wasn't and now he is.

He recently noticed that he doesn't remember things very well and has marked this up to being a side effect of a new medication... I think he's the same just more aware that he doesn't pay attention.

This morning I noticed my mother around the kitchen puttering around. She seemed to be waiting on something. That's when I remembered, Dad was still asleep. We had been giggling earlier about Dad's "memory loss".

"Mom, Dad still asleep?"

"Yes.. he must be tired."

"Maybe he forgot to wake up?"

We laughed and laughed and I had to tell everyone that came by about my clever joke.


I received a call later on at work from my brother...

"Guess what happened to us this morning?" (he carpools with my Dad)


"I told Dad yesterday that he was on empty."

"Oh no..."

"I told him again this morning, 'Dad you need to get gas'. Dad looks over and says, 'uh we're out of gas'."

My brother had to walk two blocks to get gas... in his work clothes. These aren't just any work clothes. It looks like he stole these off a homeless persons back. His clothes are so bad that my sister-in-law said, "wouldn't it be funny if someone tried to give him money?"

My Dad's lack of memory is starting to become a joke instigator... Should I be laughing? Yes! This is pay back for not paying attention for the last... 25 years. Now he can't even pay attention to himself.

Dad, If your reading this... hopefully you won't remember by the time I see you.


Jenster said...

You naughty girl, Deb!! LOL

Your joke was funny and definitely worthy of telling to anyone who would listen! :o)

Barb said...

My daughter's watching us for signs of dementia so she can put us in a home and take over our place here. So I try hard to stay sharp, tho I ID with your dad a little more than I'd like to admit!

The Daily "B" said...

How ironic for me... I am the most forgetful person, besides my Dad, that I know. This is not a new thing... When I was in elementary school I would forget to put on underwear and get to school and have to turn around.

I've forgotten that I've taken medicine and taken more and had to call posion control.

I've forget my purse in dressing rooms... all the time!

At least I know where I get it from... lol

Shauna said...

LOL! That's hilarious! And jokes at your dad's expense are completely acceptable. At least they are in our family. :0)