Saturday, May 31, 2008

Is it here? Yes!

It's here! It's here!

I have been chained to my desk this past week. Covered in last minute request, five months of backed up work, and lots of paperwork. All this to spend a workless week in the beautiful land of... Lake Tahoe!

I can't wait. We leave this weekend and I am so excited. The drive up is long and tiring but beautiful.

We are returning to this spacious town home across from the lake, oh joy!
I can't wait.


My nephew spent the night with me last night. He almost two and is so hyper. I have never seen a kid this hyper. He is constantly jumping and chattering and making noises and he is interested in everything. To top it off he has a fear of nothing... well almost nothing. He does get scared of dark hallways and the little straw snakes that crawl when you drop your drink from the straw on them. lol.

Anyway, he's learning his colors and blue (bwoo) and purple (Pupal) are his favorite right now. He is also trying out sign language. Did I brag enough? Well to add to it, he is taking horse riding lessons and joining the gym! All before he turns two!

For his first sleep over he did great. I'll share some pictures of my boy angel when I get back.

I'm off to a beautiful sun, pine, and tourist city. I'll see you, my friends, next week.

-Daily B-


Becky said...

Oh,'re going to have SO MUCH FUN. I love that place! I love that gorgeous little B&B on the lake (can't remember where specifically) but it has carved bears and racoons all over it peeking in the windows, hanging from the roof. It's darling.

Anyway, have a FAB time!

Barb said...

Author Bodie Thoene lives up at Lake Tahoe. Say hi to her for me if you see her!

Jenster said...

OH! Have a fun time and a safe trip!!

The Daily "B" said...

Becky - How cute is that place! I believe it's in Emerald Bay...

Barb - No Bodie sighting... lucky lady though.

Jen - I'm back safe and sound, thanks!