Monday, February 26, 2007

My Posse

There are few people that I like to spend time with. I am not very sociable. It is true and I know it. I would rather be in my own world and slip out unnoticed. In the day and age we live in, it's so easy to do just that. No need to talk on the phone or face to face... we have email to communicate, cell phone to text... what more do we need? Yes that would be nice, just to communicate by email...
I said all that to say this, there are a few people I like to be around. Below are a few that are near a dear to this heart =)

From left to right - Catherine, Eileen, Sonia, & Myself.

I can guarantee a fun time when I am with these three. We usually like the same things, sometimes we disagree, but that just keeps us on our toes. You cannot say we are boring that's for sure!

My sister and I tend to do everything together, sometimes we like it, sometimes we don't. We have pretty much everything in common, so it's easy to go the same place and not give up what the other wants to really be doing =).

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