Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Seven Day Nutshell

My Last 7 days in a nutshell:
Tuesday: Sick as sick as could be with a kidney infection

Wednesday: Me + my bed with lots of water

Thursday: worked most of the day but in major pain

Friday: Went to the doctors for the second time that week and was given painkillers and told it was Sciatica and the kidney infection. Need an ultrasound

Friday Afternoon: Got a call an hour after ultrasound. Found a mass on my kidney. "WHAT"

Friday evening: Tears. prayer. scared family. prayer.

Saturday morning: Fowl CT Scan drink. CT Scan. Waiting. Shopping. Waiting.

Saturday Night: Email from Doctor. Mass wasn't there. Must have been a tech mistake....

Sunday morning: Woke up with a smile on my face. God worked a miracle!
Sunday Afternoon: Church. Thanked God big time.

Sunday evening: Dinner with my family

Monday: Work (after missing 4 days) oh joy.

Monday afternoon: Car accident. Not too bad. Not my fault.

Monday night: Pain. more pain and pain.

Tuesday morning: Whiplash and painkiller. Loopy Me.

Happy Week All. :)


Becky said...

You poor thing! What an ordeal to have been through. SOOOO thankful for no mass on your kidneys!

Praying you get healthy fast!

Jenster said...

Oh Deb! I'm so sorry for a horrible week. But doing the happy praise God dance for nothing there!