Friday, August 13, 2010

Garlic is food gold

Who doesn't like garlic? Okay, so some don't... sad, but true. Garlic is definitely overused by me.

One of my favorite garlic infused foods is none other than Garlic Cheese Bread. Give me bread and garlic and I'm a happy girl.

As my faithful followers/follower knows, I am a Pioneer Woman fan as are so many others. I love her recipes and found this one that is a must try.
View the rest of the steps and recipe here: Garlic Bread

As a garlic lover, I could just eat it alone... yes alone. That is how much I love it. Breath mint anyone?

I've never roasted whole heads of garlic and these photos from the Pioneer woman make me want to head to the grocery store, buy bags of garlic and head home... and pick up some Listerine as well.

View the rest of the photos and recipe/technique here: How to Roast Garlic

All photos taken from The Pioneer Woman

Happy garlic cooking and watch out for that killer breath.


Jenster said...

YUM! That bread looks amazing!!

I love garlic, too, but it simmers in the cauldron that is my innards and seeps out my pores for days. lol

Becky said...

Melted butter with lightly sauteed minced garlic in it brushed over baked hot, split open baked potatoes have been my garlicky kick lately. Before that it was supercharging my guacamole with garlic.

I, too, am a garlic lover...with the breath to prove it, lol.