Friday, August 27, 2010

Birth in Photos

I mentioned before that I was in the delivery room when my niece was born. I was able to capture it all with my camera.

Holding my brother's video camera in one hand and my camera in the other and calming my brother down was quite a feat. To say the least.

Some of these won't be posted on the website or on the facebook pages but I thought I'd post them here for those that have known me for a few bloggy years. A little peek... ;)

Shortly after my SIL was settled in her room, the room with a view. Oh what a view. Newport Beach, glorious and beautiful at dusk. Not only was it a spectacular view, the room overlooked the bay and yatch where my brother and SIL were married.

Below is a picture of the Grandma to be, known as Marmie (let's see if anyone can pick up where that's from), waiting for her first grandbaby to be born.

The Room with a View
Minutes after 'baby girl' was born... baby girl since she didn't have a name until three days later.

Her first bath

Cuddled with her mama... getting used to the sounds and smells.

I'm off to snuggle with this little 'baby girl', Rylie Drew.


Becky said...

Great photos! Love the poignant feel of the one of Marmie. And of course all the adorable ones of Rylie! Well done, Deb!

Shauna said...

Beautiful pictures, Deb. You are truly, truly blessed with a gift! And the photography, too, hehehe.