Monday, August 30, 2010

Color Coded Monday: Dresser HELP

I am going to veer off the path I've been taking with "Color Coded Mondays" and ask for some much needed HELP.

I am buying this piece of furniture. Near my home we have this warehouse where furniture from model homes is taken to and open to the public for purchase. You can find very high end items for a fraction of the price and this is where I found this nicked dresser. It being nicked up only added to the charm that I was looking for.

Excuse the horrible picture... I was kinda in pain and in a rush.

I love the wicker drawers and can see this painted a bold color to fit right in with my vision.

One issue. I am not handy. I am the person that would pay whatever to hire someone to do the job, even if I was capable of doing it myself. In this case, I am putting aside the fact that I have to pick up tools and get a little dirty and I'm going to make a go of this. And because funds are tight.

So my blog readers, help me pick a color and if you have any tips for this girl who knows nothing about painting a dresser, I could use them... bring the help on!

I want something bold since the room is white. These were some colors I was looking at (not all together).

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