Monday, July 19, 2010

"window" shopping

Earlier this year I wrote this post about removing wallpaper and painting the bedroom. Already I am out of that room and into another one and the walls are white. Stark white. I kind of got stuck with the paint color (if you could call it that) because the week the room had to be painted I was on a tight budget that did not include paint. So I had to use what was already in the garage which was my ceiling color - marshmallow white.

I sometimes get the sense that I'm in a hospital room, go to bed at night and expect to hear beeping and intercom - "code blue"... not very relaxing. I refuse to re-paint because - 1.) I don't have the time, 2.) I'm spending all my extra money on a new niece and three 3.) once I pick a color, I'll change my mind a day after it's painted. I'm a self-admitted indecisiver (not a word, I know but it fits).

So - to solve this "hospital room" issue - I've been looking for major color in rugs, furniture, window coverings, wall art, etc. I am in love with Anthropologie's home section. Love. All of the below items can be found online.

This gorgeous simple rug is called "sweet at honey", how appropriate. This mirror art is not something I would buy, but I plan on making this. Not with mirrors but monochromatic frames.

Curtains have been a big deal for me. I love prints. Especially bold prints, but unlike my normal picks, these two are bold but in understated colors. Love them.

I have been on the lookout for a bright, big patterned chair and of course these are way out of my price range. I love the blue with the antique frame. I think this says exactly what my style is. vintage with modern twist.

Of course, this piece caught my photographer eye! I would just LOVE to have this for Bumble. How fun is that?

When all the looking and wishing is said and done... it's craigs*list that calls me. 10% of what I'd pay here, maybe not exactly what I'm looking for but hey, I can eat the next week... that's important.

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Becky said...

I wondered what you ended up doing there, lol.

Looove the modern/vintage loveseat idea. My Sis-in-law has an old loveseat like that which I may offer to take off her hands and do just like that! And the monochromatic frames idea...fabbo.