Monday, December 22, 2008

The Spirit of Christmas

Christmas. One of the most beautiful and stressful times of the year.

I used to favor Thanksgiving because, well, the food was good. Over the past few years the 4th of July has been near and dear to my heart. This year, I feel a closeness with the Christmas season this year. My eyes have seemed to open up past the merriment and stress. I look back at past Christmas' and feel so blessed. When I read about families that don't have anything-food, presents, warm homes, decorations, joy-I feel so blessed and a little guilty.

God's been good to me.

My parents taught us at a young age that it was always better to give than to receive. Give to the kingdom of God, give to those less fortunate, and give to each other. I cannot count how many times I've seen my mom and dad give to families in need; see the faces of children smile as we gave them Christmas presents that they wanted but didn't dare ask for. The times I've heard the story of my dad teaching the homeless man about Jesus as he bundled up in a cardboard box in our car port, or my parents helping a family with medical bills, or inviting families in our home to share our meal on Christmas Eve when they had no family in the area. This was and is the way of my life and I hope to carry that with me throughout the rest of my life. I want to give back because He's given me so much.

This is the spirit of the season.

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