Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas Shopping

I have been so behind in my shopping this year. As of today, I've purchased one gift... Uno.一個.один.một. ONE GIFT.

Things just aren't going as planned. I know what I want to buy, It's just a matter of how to do it! I was telling someone last night that I will be doing most of my shopping the week of Christmas. Talk about a mad dash to the finish.

I've had my fair share of rushing to the stores and checking out the good sales, crowds, messes... BUT I have refrained from buying one single thing.

I was shopping at a local store and came across this.

An aisle full of pillows. Kids paradise. There was a Mom and her little girl on the other side and the mom was telling her daughter, "Go ahead". Tempting... When the mad rush of shopping gets too crazy, look for an aisle like this and jump!


Becky said...

Wouldn't that be fun?! And then top it off with a nap on a pillowtop bed at the mattress store, lol.

Shop online! I haven't done it this year, but have had great success with it in the past.

The Daily Bee said...

Oh yes, pillow top mattress'! Isn't that what they're there for? To give the shoppers rest...

I actually took your advice and did some online shopping yesterday.