Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Companion is No More

So it has happened. The dreaded day.

Our sweet Tiffany that I told you about here is gone. The most beautiful dog, ever.

The past few weeks she has been taking little walks in the front yard when she knows we are not home. She never left the yard, in 18 years... with the exception of the one time she was talked into running away with another dog of ours. Some say that dogs and cats run away when they know they are getting ready to die...
Last night, we came home from going out to eat after church, my brother, SIL, their nephew and I turned on our street and two men were standing by the curb. I thought this was odd since it was about 10:45 PM. I said, "maybe we should call the police..." since that is the answer to all strange men standing by your street. I looked down and there she was. My mind didn't quite register that that was her until we drove down a our street and then I just moaned and cried.

She had wandered down the street and was hit by a car. Two neighbors pulled her out of the street and took care of calling the police and animal control for us.

As our family sat together, we cried over her and prayed and thanked God for this special gift He gave us. He fashioned the perfect dog for us. May sound far fetched to some, but God cares about even the smallest things in our lives.

She was our baby. We grew up together. Our house will be lonely without her.

(Asleep Christmas morning after a gift opening.)


Queen Catherella said...

awww... how she loved getting buried in the wrappings of our christmas gifts! I forgot all about that!

She was the perfect dog!

Purely Sony said...

She looks so cute in that picture...I miss her so much already, but I'm glad that God did bless us with such a wonderful gift.

The last thing I said to her was you smelly old was just kidding, but I wished I would have said something nicer to her....

Jenster said...

I'm so sorry for all of you. So very sorry. :o(

You ladies do write a beautiful tribute, though.

Dorothy said...

I lost my Curly earlier this month so I know what you are going through. He is buried in our corral with two of our other dogs. It's getting harder and harder to see them go and say goodbye! (This is making me cry.)

The Daily Bee said...

Thank you for your thoughts. Very much appreciated.

Dorothy - Are you the "Dorothy" from Dee Forum?

Becky said...

Awww, so sorry for your loss.

Tiffany had a long and happy life with a family that very obviously loved and doted on her.