Monday, October 20, 2008

October is Birthday Month

As I mentioned before, October is the month for birthdays...

On Thursday we celebrated my dad's birthday with one of his favorite foods - Carne Asada and Chicken Tacos. My brother grilled the meat and we had a nice spread of different kinds of salsa's, rice, beans since my dad has a big taste for Mexican food.

After dinner we roasted my dad and laughed so hard we cried.

My Gramms gave my dad a chess set that my Gramps had custom made in the 60's and taught my dad to play chess.


My brother Peter's birthday was last week. We celebrated and went to one of his favorite restaurants - Thai Chili Restaurant. Our family is big on Thai food. We looooooove it! After dinner we had cheesecake, weird combination - Cheesecake and Thai food.

(Peter loves Spongebob)

My sister's birthday isn't until tomorrow, but since our week is so hectic, we did a mini celebration at the park. Just the siblings and a couple of friends. I made mini egg salad, BLT, tuna salad, and ham & cheese sandwiches. I also threw together a red potato salad. Yum! We got a little camera happy... lol.

(laughing at mad libs)

(cousin Eileen and I)

(Being silly!)

(Birthday Girl and me)


Jenster said...

Happy Birthdays!!! Great photos!!

Becky said...

Oh, man...not sure how I did this, but I put the comment for this post on your sister's blog. So I'll put her comment here, lol. You're SO right to lavish attention on your dad on his special day. He's a FAB father, and truly blessed to have such a family.