Friday, June 13, 2008

Lake Tahoe - Part 2

Day 3

This was my favorite day. We headed to Virginia City, no matter how many times we go I feel like I still don't cover it all. It seems you have to go to all your favorite places and then start on the new... unfortunately we're never there long enough to start on the new.

(mom relaxing on the way to VC)

We stopped in at the Bucket of Blood Saloon to take some pictures out of the huge picture window overlooking the town. The saloon is setup up with old antiques and new slot machines.

These Hotties were to irresistible to pass up...

Our next stop was an old photo store where Peter and Sonia had an old fashioned photo taken of themselves. It was pretty funny because the outfits were open in the back for quick dressing and undressing. Sonia's backside was hanging out and we had to cover her with clips, after we made fun of her, I offered to help her change forgetting for a split second that her HUSBAND could help her. lol. The last time we were in Tahoe, Sonia, Cath, and I shared a room because her and Peter were not married. So coming back it feels like things haven't changed, of course they had their own room now. lol. I ended up helping her anyway, the picture came out so cute, but not showable to anyone but family and friends of theirs since she was a saloon girl and he was a... I don't know what he was but he looked good standing there.

We always make a stop at the Christmas store, little place close to the end of the town "strip". They seemed to be in short supply, so for the first time we didn't come home with an ornament for the tree.

Grandma's Fudge and Ice Cream is MY favorite place. You can't find anything like this in Orange County unless you're at my actual Gramm's house. I have such a hard time in here, that glutton wants to crawl out and buy everything that I know won't fit in my tummy. I settled on a HUGE chocolate covered strawberry and a chocolate covered Oreo for later. I also left with a cone of Grandma's Cookie & Cream.

We stopped at the Delta Restaurant for lunch. The cup of soda was so big I had trouble lifting it! The best chicken salad ever... or maybe it was the hunger from the altitude talking, all I know is that I cleaned my plate.


(Old rustic doors outside the Delta)

This is what happens when you're in the car too long...


Queen Catherella said...

HA HA HA! Our kissy faces are hilarious!

Virginia City is the Bombdiggity! I love it there. And the weather was absolutely perfect!

Oh man... can we go back again... tomorrow? ha ha ha. I wish!!!!!!

Great Pics!!

Purely Sony said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! Your kissy picture looks so funny! LOL

I love Virgina City, I think that was my favorite part of the trip too.

The Delta was great and desert..mmm...I could so use that right now!

Becky said... I want to go there!

We might just have to take a little trip up there.