Monday, June 09, 2008

Birthday Cake... For ME!

Today is my birthday, 25!

So far it's not the birthday that I thought it would be... lol. I had a physical this morning, ugh, and am having some computer issues, but it will get better!
I consider myself a creative person, but I can't think of an original way to celebrate myself here... so, I am going to let you all in on 25 things that make me happy!
  1. Corn - odd? Yes, I know but I love it!

  2. Spa Pedicures - I can't live without them

  3. Jean Skirts - I can have a closet full and be happy

  4. Cute High heels - they kill but they're so pretty! =/

  5. Kids and Babies - as long as I can send them back

  6. Fine Dining - Especially when good ol' Dad pays.

  7. My siblings - they tend to drive me crazy but I love crazy

  8. Making fun of people - okay this sounds cruel. I really am a compassionate tender hearted person... really I am. (maybe I shouldn't have revealed that... Oh well.)

  9. Reading a good book - This is pretty much my favorite thing

  10. Finishing a project - Once done I can talk about how good I did until I start to annoy people.

  11. Taking Pictures - This is a favorite hobby of mine

  12. Watching Gilmore Girls - *sigh* I love being in another world for an hour

  13. Listening to good music

  14. Browsing blogs

  15. Blogging - when it's good news =)

  16. Sitting by a river or creek

  17. Wide open spaces

  18. Shopping with gift cards - As long as it's not out of my pocket I'm good

  19. Finding a good sale - (especially shoes!)

  20. Holding a baby after they've just woken up

  21. Clean spaces

  22. Lazy spring day

  23. Yellow Roses

  24. Looking at pictures from days past

  25. Hearing and feeling God - Now this really makes me happy!
-Daily B-


Shirley said...

Happy birthday, my dear.

You had me worried with your list...until we got to 25!

Purely Sony said...

Happy Birthday Deb! I hope you have a great day today! I bet you can't wait for that corn! Corn! Did anybody say :-)
I love you Deb!

The Daily "B" said...

Thank you, Sis. Buxton. I saved the best for last! =)

Sony - Thank ya! Corn... Mmm... you know me!

Jenster said...


Great list. Sweet Deb makes fun of people?? I'm sure only if they deserve it. LOL

Queen Catherella said...

Happy Belated Birthday Deb.... I wish I had the chance to post yesterday... but you know what a crazy back-to-work-from-vacation day it was (o:

I can't believe you are 25. where has the time gone? I remember a very stubborn, dirty, dirt-eating 3 year old that would clomp around in Dad's old work boots. With a plastic fireman's helmet on to boot!

And now look at you... so beautiful and accomplished... and it's only the beginning.

Enjoy it, it goes way to fast... (I unfortunately have the displeasureable role of the older sister to remind you of that nasty fact!) One consolation is I think you are finally catching up to me! Yay for me! ha ha ha.

Love you.... Happy Birthay and let me know when you want to make fun of sony... I'll be your audience!!!!! hahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahha


Katybug said...

DEB! HAPPY BIRTHDAY...a day late!!! :-( What a great list! I can't disagree with ANYthing there. I hope your special day was very special, and that you have a new pair of high heels and a dozen yellow roses. (BTW, we always try to give Little Bit yellow roses at Christmas. They're her favorite too.)

Becky said...

I love corn, too, lol. If I find a roasted corn stand at a fair or park? I'd choose that any day over ice-cream.

Great list! And happy birthday!

The Daily "B" said...

Jen - I've got that Mischievous side to me... MAWHAHAHAHAHA

Cat - How can I pass up a chance to make fun of Sonia... That's one of my favorite things to do! lol

Katy - Thank you! NO High heels and no roses, but my real celebration is on Friday night... so we'll see. =)

Becky - My corn friend! =) Corn rocks!

Shauna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (She kicks herself for being late)

I hope you have a FANTASTIC celebration on Friday, complete with cute shoes, roses and books!

The Daily "B" said...

Thank you, Shauna!