Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lake Tahoe - Part 1

::Drive Up - Day 1::

Our drive up is usually 8 1/2 hours, not too bad on the way there. The places that we go through are so different from where we live that it's enjoyable. The open spaces, pastures, meadows - I love it!

We were about an hour, hour 1/2 from our home and I saw a sign and realized that my buddy Becky was somewhere nearby probably getting ready for the day... Wish I'd thought to stop by but not sure if she was ready for visitors at 7:30 AM. lol. Maybe next time!

About five hours into our trip we grabbed lunch in Mammoth and drove up to Twin Lakes Resort. So many fond memories there. Made us sad knowing that we were only there for a few minutes. I took several pictures to share but the camera does not do this place justice. If you prefer cabins there are several along the mountain and it's like staying in a hotel because the resort comes in during the day, makes your beds and washes your linens and towels. Perfect!

at close to 9,000 feet, The elevation level at Twin Lakes makes me sick so my family has postponed our trips there until I can deal with it. Ha.

We got to Incline Village in Tahoe around 4PM and after unpacking we headed to the grocery store. Since the Parents were covering the gas and town home, I would be in dept for a year if I tried to pay that, my siblings and I covered the groceries. Of course, we ate out majority of the time... hmmm.

::Day 2::

We were tired from the trip up and set out around 11ish. We drove around the entire lake, 78 miles. It was a beautiful, beautiful day. We stopped in Zephyr's Cover and ate at this little burger place, Izzy's Giant Burgers aka The Burger Spa. So good! I had a mushroom Swiss burger. It looked like a place that Guy from Diners Drive-Ins and Dives would drop in. Yummo!

We stopped in Emerald Pay for pictures... tons of pictures. Especially of Peter and Sonia. Those two love to take pictures of themselves. lol.

I'm not too big on slideshows but there were way to many pictures to deal with so I gave in.

-Daily B-


Queen Catherella said...

Yep, yep... the one downside? the twin beds that deb and i slept on had a bad case of the the sheet-don't-fit-itis. ugh.

and we had to share a jack and jill bathroom with peter... ewwwwwwww! ha ha ha. poor sonia.

The pictures you took are awesome!!!

Purely Sony said...

I LOVE your pictures, especially the ones of peter and ;-)

I really love the one where I am hugging his back; I think that’s my favorite picture of us. I had so much fun!

I did feel bad for you guys, while you both slept on those twin beds, I had to sleep on a king size bed...hahaha : -)

And YES Cath, I agree poor me....hahahah

Jenster said...

Those are great pictures!!

I used to ski in Mammoth. I also used to fish in June Lake (near Mammoth).

Oh, the memories...

Becky said...

Oh, man...we LOVE Tahoe. We want to go back there again this summer for another visit. We got an old fashioned picture taken in Tahoe.

If you'd have stopped by my house last week at 7:30 in the morning, I probably would have been sound asleep because Jeff had the week off and took Jericho to school most days. However, if I'd known you were coming past...I'd have been ready with muffins and hot coffee for everyone!