Monday, October 08, 2007


I love you Pedo! You are an awesome brother and friend!

Today is my older brothers 26th birthday. We celebrated his birthday on Saturday with some friends at the Irvine bowling alley.

I am not much of a bowler, unless gutter balls count, so I opted out and instead decided to play with, Madison, a friends baby.

After bowling we headed over to TGIF by South Coast Plaza. Fun Fun Fun time! Below are some pictures...


Daisy said...

Great pictures! Happy birthday to your bubby!

(I'm a gutter ball queen too!)

angela said...

Cute pics. I went bowling last week, too--with my kids so I get to use the gutter bumpers! It makes the game much more fun.

Shauna said...

Nice slideshow! Beautiful pics and happy b-day to your brother.