Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Labor Day Weekend & Bad Weather

It has been scorching hot in California! Our normally perfect weather is not so perfect and miserable. This is the kind of weather we call "earthquake weather". We haven't had a big earthquake in years, so we're waiting for it to hit... at least I am =). We did have one on Sunday that shook the rooms around and an aftershock the following day... but it was too small to do anything.

Tornado warnings were being set in Los Angeles... I told you the weather was crazy. One did hit down in the Mojave Desert, nowhere near me Thank God!
I did capture this beautiful sunset in front of my house on Saturday. Even though the weather made you miserable, looking at this sunset gave you a moment of serenity. I do know without the weather, this sunset would probably not be this beautiful!

On Labor Day, we were trying to cool off in the pool and saw this butterfly bathing in the sun. No matter how close I got it didn't flinch. I think I was more scared of it than it was of me... Don't ask me why, the beautiful thing below just gave me the heeby-jeebys (is that a word?).


Becky said...

Yikes...there was a tornado in the Mojave? That's where we live! There has been some strange weather here, too...though we've been more worried about the flash floods. Loved the pics.

The Daily "B" said...

Yikes is right, I forgot about the flash floods. The weather is considerably cooler today.

Barb said...

Luv the bathing butterfly!

Jenster said...

Pretty pictures!!