Monday, September 24, 2007

Fall and other stuff

I love Fall! Everything about about it!

I love the change of leaves (as much as we have here)
The smell of the upcoming holidays
The crisp air
Warm fires and Hot Cocoa
Snugly sweaters
Family gatherings

I love it all! I can't wait until Fall really hits.

I took some pictures on the way home from shopping this weekend. We had serious rainfall on Friday night and Saturday. The sky was clearing and the beautiful cloud formations were all around us...

Now to go off the subject of fall, the pictures below are from church Sunday night. These are the cutest Snow Balls ever! Even better then Hostess...

Now to go off the subject even more, we started our session on Thursday for our kids departments, KidzNet. I am a teacher for the 10 & 11 year-olds. These are the greatest kids! Our session is about On The Farm. All about Life Principles for Kids. I will be posting pictures of my "kids" next week.

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