Friday, August 03, 2007

God is a Healer!

We received news this morning that floored us!

Mom went in for her pre-op on Wednesday to prepare for surgery on Thursday 8/09. Earlier on we had discussed several options, she asked if the tumor could be shrunken and was told that there was no way. It was too big.

Her surgeon and hormone specialist ran into eachother yesterday and discussed her test, She received a call this morning and was told that her surgery had been canceled!! They will shrink the tumor by shots!!

We were in the middle of plans for caring for her and my father was on his way today to drop off a massive deposit for surgery. All our plans have fallen through - THANK GOD!

All I can say is that I am so glad to know the Healer! He never fails! You never go wrong trusting in Him! There is power in His name! He is Jesus, the one and only God!


angela said...

Amazing. What an awesome God we serve. I'm rejoicing with you, Deb.

Katybug said...

Amen to that...our God is an AWESOME God!!! Praise Him for His faithfulness and mercy! What wonderful news!!!

Jenster said...

That is so awesome!!! I LOVE this story!!!

The Daily "B" said...

Thank you! He is awesome! =)

shirley buxton said...

God is good--all the time.

Blessings to all of you.

shirley Buxton

Becky said...

It just can't be said enough...God is SOOOOO Awesome! What a tremendous blessing for your family!

The Daily "B" said...

Thank you Becky! It has been a huge miracle for us!